Cropdesk Technologies

A proprietary, multi-lingual, cloud based tool for the international agri-food industry

Production and Agricultural Intelligence Insights

Cropdesk Production is an innovative cloud-based software providing greater productivity and cost-effectiveness across the agricultural supply chain.

As population growth continues to demand increasing volumes of food to be produced from a finite resource, farmers, marketers and retailers are seeking efficiencies wherever possible.

Achieving consistently high yields and quality across variable and challenging growing seasons is difficult, and new growing innovations are needed if global fruit production is to be optimised to meet market demand.

Cropdesk Production is a proprietary cloud-based tool for the agri-food industry Providing substantial savings on admin costs and commercial insight opportunities.

Total Productivity Solution

Cropdesk gives you the power to proactively track productivity by field, crop, farm, team and operation, giving you instant insight into performance.

Manage Harvest Systems

By weight, by the hour or by hybrid system, Cropdesk is flexible enough to adapt to how you pay workers.

Complete Labour Efficiencies

Cropdesk will monitor the most efficient workers, how many kg / hr they harvest, how much each kilogram costs, where and when each person has been working. We aim to provide you with the critical information you need to manage and maintain a top class team.

Who is Cropdesk For?

Multi-faceted cloud platform

Want ‘real time’ reporting on field, crop and personnel performance?

Reduce supply chain risks

Need to make profitable decisions for current and future cropping?

System saving insights

Want cost-saving efficiencies from production and labour procedures?

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