Cropdesk Production

A proprietary cloud-based tool for the agri-food industry providing substantial productivity-saving costs and commercial insight opportunities.

Designed by farmers for farmers

Providing agricultural intelligence in the cloud, Cropdesk Production eliminates the use of manual and time-consuming systems and replaces them with quick, easy to learn and easy to implement data processes, enabling you to manage your labour and productivity wherever you are.

Cropdesk Production is a multi-faceted cloud-based tool providing ‘real time’ reporting on field, crop, variety and personnel performance, allowing cost-effective decisions to be made for future cropping and current production.

Recording every part of a farm’s production and labour processes, Cropdesk Production can halve the time required to capture field data and all data is stored in the cloud for immediate access back at the office or anywhere with internet access.

Plus Cropdesk Production has the functionality to integrate with existing agronomy software, as well as accounting and payroll packages.

Who is Cropdesk For?

Total Productivity Solution

Cropdesk gives you the power to proactively track productivity by field, crop, farm, team and operation. A total productivity solution leading to greater efficiencies and cost-saving activities that will ultimately contribute to improving your bottom line.

Track Different Production Systems

Whether field, glasshouse, tabletop or another system, Cropdesk Production records both your costs and productivity and report per plant, per linear distance and overall area. Analyse your data in as much detail as you need.

Track Different Crops

Cropdesk can be used on farms across the globe, producing almost any crop where labour and productivity needs to be tracked, it enables managers to allocate work to crops and even varieties. This includes strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, grape, pomegranate, cocoa, citrus, apple, pear, date or any fruit harvested by hand.

Manage Different Harvest Systems

Cropdesk is flexible enough to adapt to how you pay your workers. Pay by weight and field users can input the exact weight of picked fruit or will record a default weight for volume logged. Pay by the hour and Cropdesk can record this, including breaks. Use a hybrid system, such as a base hourly rate plus a bonus for fast workers, and Cropdesk also has this covered.


Each harvested unit is given a unique ID number which can be traced from field through to its destination. Cropdesk’s integration ability with packhouse ERP systems, means each unit can be fully tracked through the production cycle.

Labour Efficiences

From cultivation to harvest, Cropdesk will record every function your farm team performs throughout the year. Need to monitor the most efficient workers, how much each kilogram costs, where each person has been working and when they have worked – Cropdesk has this sorted.

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